"We were all artists as children. We need to study the chaos around us in order to turn it into something beautiful. Something sustainable. Something that remains".

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Theme Thursday

The Theme this week for
Theme Thursday
"Favorite Letter"

I have two entries today!  
 Yes, I made two!
I just couldn't stop at one !
 I had two images that I wanted to use
and so I decided to use both of them! 

 D is my favorite letter because
I have always been a DREAMER
 and through my DREAMING,
 I have DISCOVERED many unique
wonderful things in life that I might
not have known about otherwise!


Thank you for stopping by and visiting
me to take a look at my art work!
Have a peaceful night dreaming and
a wonderful day tomorrow discovering

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

DragonsDream TIO Challenge

It's time to Dream with the Dragon again!

This week the
"Your Favorite Movie"!

This challenge was a great one to do
 was a tough one to decide!
I have several movie "favorites"!
If I had to really choose just one...
it would have to be


So here is my entry:

***I did not make two tags but did do
the front and the back of the tag
because I am going to take this theme
  a step further and in my own spare time,
I'm going to make a mini-book with more tags!!

Thank you for stopping by
and looking at my art work! 
Please have a pleasent evening
with your  family and friends! 

Spring is here and the sun is shining!!
 We are blessed!

Here is the link to the challenge
 if you are interested in joining
or looking at the other entries:

Monday, March 29, 2010

Tag Tuesday

The Theme this week
for Tag Tuesday is
 "Black and White"

I had some clip art that I thought
 would be perfect for this theme.
The small print on the advertisements
in the background on the tag
are about the "fashionable bustle"
and how it was to be worn! 

The era for this kind of fashion
was after the Civil War. 
Women had stopped wearing
the hoop petticoats by then
but were still tied up in
whale bone reinforced corsets!
 Fashion was not something to
be enjoyed but to be endured!

The pin that I inserted on the side of
the tag was one from a corsage
that I received a long time ago! 
The piece of lace came from one
of my daughter's dresses that she 
outgrew several years ago!

So from the past history to my history,
I was able to make a tag that would have
 it's own sentimental value someday
from the small accessories that I used
that were worn in our era of fashion.

One day, maybe,
my daughter's might think this tag 
 is quite valuable enough to keep
 for their daughters, to tell them of
the small piece of lace that used to
adorn the dress they both wore.

My Entry:

Thank you for looking at my art work. 
 Please come back and visit me again!
  Have a very pleasant day!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Collage Obsession Challenge

This week the
Collage Obsession is:


Here is my entry:

Thank you for visiting my site and
looking at my art work.
Please come back again and visit soon!
Have a great week!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Small World of Inchies and Twinchies Challenge

The Theme for the Inchies and Twinchies Challenge was :
Bird of a Feather

I went a little crazy when
I started making my twinchies...
I just couldn't stop! 

Maybe it was that feeling of spring in the air,
 or the birds that have begun  their lovely  
chorus of spring songs, or the sound of my
children's laughter as  they can finally  go
"barefoot"  and play outside  until dark!!

No matter the cause...
I made 14 twinchies and 1 inchie. 
 I decided to display them in a
Altered Art Mini-Book
designed like a bird house.

If you would like this template,  
please leave a comment and I will
 post it on my freebie site for you!

This is  the 15 entries on background paper:

This is the Altered Art Mini-Book that
I made out of the Inchies and Twinchies:

This is the front of the Mini-Book!

This is a view of the middle of the book. 
There are only three templates sewn together
 in the middle of the book!
 Can you see that all 3 templates 
are 3 different sizes? 
 The middle page is the smallest,
  the next page a bit bigger,
 and then the first page
 (front and back cover of book)
is the largest size!!
There are 8 pages on the inside of the book!

Another view of the middle of the book
showing the 3 different templates
and their sizes.

The left side page is the inside cover of the book.

The right side is the 1st page and has two twinchies displayed.

The page is turned and is now showing
 the 2nd page with 2 twinchies displayed. 

The (smaller) middle template is the 3rd page 
 and shows only 1 page with 1 twinchie displayed.

This shows the middle of the book!

Now you should be getting a good idea
of how the book was put together!

The (smaller) middle template is spread open
 showing pages 4 & 5 with 1 twinchie on each page.

The left side shows the back of the
(smaller) middle template (page 6)
 with 1 twinchie displayed. 

The right side shows  page 7
 with 2 twinchies displayed.

It's standing a bit crooked but I think you
can get a good view of the last 2 pages.

On the left side is page 8, showing 2 twinchies displayed.

The  right side is the inside cover of the back of the book.
it show 2 twinchies diplayed.


And that is my
Altered Art Mini-Book
"Birds of a Feather"!

Thank you for looking at my art work and
 please come back again to visit! 
 Have a great weekend!

I Won!!! I WON!!!

Remember in the last post
(March 16th) 
that I sent out an entry
for the Dezinaworld
 Spot Prize Challenge?

Remember The Irish Collage  I entered? 

"Danny Boy"
Well, guess what!  I won!!!

Yesterday, I clicked over to  Dezinaworld  to
see if June McFarlane had posted  some
 "goodies" on her site.  I  am always looking
to see what  pretty images she  has designed
and made into  those wonderful vintage
collage sheets she has for sale! 

 I have ordered quite a few sheets from her
recently and have not been disappointed !
The images print out perfectly! They  have
  great quality resolution with wonderful  
bright colors!  June is very particular with
 each vintage image she incorporates
into her designs, making sure that
every detail is clear and well-defined!

So...I looked at some of her "pretties"
and I noticed her post about the
Challenge Winners. I read through a
 few  and then guess what? 
 I saw the post where June had
 announced the winner of the 
Spot Prize Challenge!
I  saw my entry and name
I had Won!!

After I had jumped up and down about
twenty times and danced the "Victory Dance"
all over my living room, I picked out my
free Collage sheet (Fairies)
 as my prize!
I knew the  Faries collage sheet  would be perfect
for my new blog site: 


Please come and visit my new Faerie site!
You will love the enchanted art work
and lovely images that I have posted!
The Link is:

While you are visiting my cute Faeries, 
take a good look at my Background 
and beautiful Enchanted Header!
Everything came from PlumRose Lane!
She has free backgrounds that are absolutely scrumptious
and makes the headers to match for a small fee! 
I am very happy with mine!
 Her headers are

If you'd like to go check out her new
designs and layouts, please click
 on her blog button (on my side bar) 
and it will take you directly
 over to her beautiful blog site!

 Or use this link:

Once again, I must thank June for all of
her kindness and generousity in picking my
 art work to be the winner of the SPot Prize!
I felt so honored to have won the Challenge!
Remember, you can win too! 
Just go to the my last post and get the link for
 June's site and start making art! 

Thanks for coming by and visiting me today !
Have a great weekend! 
Thank you, June!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dezinaworld Spot Prize Challenge

Do you like prizes?
Do you like to
in art challenges?

Over at Dezinaworld,
the host, June has many beautiful collage sheets
for sale and also offers free vintage images. 
I have bought  a couple of her digital
collage sheets to use in my art work. 
 The sheets  print beautifully with great 
resolution and clear images!  She has
many catagories of any
 theme you could imagine! The prices are
very economical and the service is great! 
You should visit her site to take
  a look at her "pretties"! 

JUNE  hosts the
 Dezinaworld Spot
Prize Challenge
 and the requirements are very simple! 
When you create your art piece to send to her,
you must use "ONLY"  Dezinaworld images,
either her free images or ones you have purchased.
  You can make as many entries as you want and
 e-mail them to June.  She will wait until she has
 enough art pieces to judge and then she picks
the winners of the "Spot Prize"! She gives away 
some really nice prizes too! If you are interested in
joining  this challenge here is the link:

Here  is the link to her site:

This is my very first entry in the Spot Prize Challenge! 
I used one of her free images to create an
altered art collage. I have already e-mailed it
to her but I also wanted to post it here so all
of my visitors could see it too! 
   Please keep your fingers crossed for me! 

Here is "Danny Boy":

He is dressed  in his finest and ready to play his
drum for all of the St. Patty 's Day celebrations!
Thank you for visiting me and have a great afternoon!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Tag Tuesday

The theme this week
for Tag Tuesday
 is "Arches"

This is my entry:

Thank you for visiting my site!
Have a great day!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Collage Obession Challenge

The Theme
 this week for the
Collage Obsession Challenge
is the Image and/or
the word "Movies"

This is my entry :

Thank you for stopping by
and looking at my entry!
Have a good evening!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sunday Postcard Art Challenge

The Theme for
 Sunday Postcard Art

Here is my entry:

I loved how these little guys
were peeking out of the 
"windows" in the back of
    this fashionable "Tin Lizzie"! 

The key that I sewed onto the
 card was one that has been on
 my husband's key chain for years.
In fact, it was so old, he couldn't
remember what it was used for!!

You never know what you have at
home that will come  in handy to use
for an accessory for your art work!
Just what I needed to give my
card that extra "Vintage Look"!! 

Thank you for visiting my site
and looking at my entry!
Have a great evening!

Friday, March 12, 2010

So Artful Challenge

The Theme this week for So Artful Challenge is
International Women's Week!

I really struggled with this
theme because there are
so many different women I wanted
to use as the subject of my entry.
 I finally decided to do mine on
 Mother Teresa because, not only
was she an International Woman
  but a "Real" International Mother
to all those she came in contact with.

With this entry,  I pay homage to her
unconditional love for all of those
who were in need of her unwavering care! 

Thank you for looking at my art work
 and have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Art Creations Friday Challenge

The theme this week
 at Art Creations Friday
 is a picture
of this darling little boy
with a head full of curls!!

Here is my entry:

He would have anyone's heart, wouldn't he!

Thank you for looking at my entry
and have a nice evening! 

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

DragonDreams TAG IT ON Challenge

The Theme for the
Challenge is

"Mad March Days"!!

Here is my entry:

In Spite of Storm Clouds!

Adorable little girls,
little bunny rabbits,
and little lambs...
Just what spring is made of!!

Thank you for looking at my entry
and please have a happy evening!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Tag Tuesday

The Theme for Tag Tuesday
 is to use a color along
with the color Brown.

I chose my favorite color:
 Bird's Egg Blue to go with the
brown/light blue background
paper that I used on my tag!

I think the old buttons that I added
really give the tag that worn dated look!

Here is my Entry:

Bird's Egg Blue/Brown
"Sweet Love"


Thank you for stopping by to look at my entry
 and I wish for you  a very special afternoon!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

So Artful Challenge

The Theme For So Artful Challenge:
"Alice In Wonderland"!

My Absolute Favorite!

I had so much going this week
plus I was sick for a few days
and so didn't get to finish my entry!

I had started a mini-book and was
going to alter 12 pages for each of
the 12 chapters in the book
but I only got to Chapter Two! 

Anyway, I am going to turn in
what I have now and then
 go ahead and finish the rest
of the book  later on  next week!
I will post when I finish the book!

 Sorry, Jeanette, but as I am posting
this at 5:56 a.m. in the morning! 
 I'm late ...late...late
for a very important date!!

My Alice In Wonderland Mini-Book
Front Cover of the Book

Inside of the Front Cover

First Page
History Of Alice Liddell

Chapter One
Down The Rabbit Hole

Chapter Two
The Pool  Of  Tears

Thank you for visiting me and
looking at my "Alice Altered Art"!
Have a Wonderful Wonderland Weekend!

Thursday, March 4, 2010



Visit Smeared and Smudged

Hello to  all Smeared and Smudged Members! 
Isn't this so much fun!
I am having a great day today!
Thank you for stopping by
and visiting my blog ! 
I hope you like my art work and
I am looking forward to visiting your blogs
to  see all the great pieces of art you've created!

A "Special Thank You"
 goes out to Terra, our Host, 
for organizing this super event !
I am so glad that I joined this group! 
 YOU guys made me feel
so welcome and comfortable! 
I am looking forward to all of the  
art tutorials and challenges that
we will be doing in the future!

Have a great day!

I am so glad that you
stopped by today to visit my blog
because you will get the  chance to
learn  about this fanastic
new group I just joined! 
If you especially love
creating art with stamps,
then this is the group for you!!

We create Unusual art,
Gothic art, and Vintage art
but with one condition...
a stamped image must be 
placed somewhere on the project! 

Here is my PROJECT that I created
 just for this "SPECIAL BLOG HOP"
 for everyone to see!

"The Paris Follies"

"Paris Memories"

 I first found out about this group
 from one of my dear friends,
Lyn at  Blackdragon's Crafts! 
I knew I didn't want to miss out on
all of the fun and immediately posted to join!

There are so many interesting sub-groups to join
to spark our imagination with  new ideas
 for creating mixed media and altered art!

There are also challenges and contests to enter,
 which is my all time favorite thing to do! 
 I love art challenges!
 Especially their challenges--very cool!!
They also offer classess and tutorials
on the latest art trends and ink /stamp/ projects.  

What I liked the most about the group
 was the warm welcome from the other members
and the willingness to share ideas and knowledge
about techniques that some of us newbies
may not know about or had much experience with! 

 If you want to begin a journey on the 
Path of Fulfillment as a successful artist, 
 you  join in with the others that
are going down the same path.
 Your life will become enriched by the
encouragment and inspiration  you
will receive from  your fellow artists!

As they begin share their
different perspectives and  feelings 
about their own art, you will feel
the urge to delve deeply in your
 own soul to explore  your talent
and  examine your own true
convictions  about what makes your
artsuch a big part of who you are! 

Go back to when you felt that first 
that   "LITTLE NUDGE"  to pick
up a paint brush, paint,  ink, 
glue, scissors,  paper, etc.,
to create what you soon learned
 that you couldn't live without!

That's why joining a group is so important!!
Everyone has one thing in common
--it's huge--

We love to create
We create what we love!

No Holds Barred!

Here is a list of the  MEMBERS of 
Smeared and Smudged
 that are participating in the  Blog Hop!

Meredith http://www.papercanteen.com/

Kathi http://kathstales.blogspot.com/

Kim http://www.offthewallcraftiness.blogspot.com/

Alex http://paperandstring.blogspot.com/

Kelli http://www.cajunstampingqueen.blogspot.com/

Monica http://www.giddygreetings.com/
Amberlee http://supermomscrappin.blogspot.com/

Lisa http://ldfdesign.blogspot.com/

Lynda http://cre8tiveme.blogspot.com/

Sarah http://www.sarahscrazycreations.blogspot.com/

Jean http://daretobedifferentchallenges.blogspot.com/


Just click on the blog address
and go visit these talented ladies
 to see all of their wonderful
art work and their amazing blog sites!! 
If you'd like to join our
 "happy art smearing ink smudging "group,
 just  click the Smeared And Smudged blog button
at the top of the post and it will take
you to the home group where you can sign up !

Dear friends, thanks so much for visiting my art blog!

Dear friends, thanks so much for visiting my art blog!