"We were all artists as children. We need to study the chaos around us in order to turn it into something beautiful. Something sustainable. Something that remains".

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dezinaworld Spot Prize Challenge

This is my entry for the
Spot Prize Challenge!
The theme for this week is
 Autumn Colors!

I used images from several different
collage sheets created by Moonlight Journey.

The Background and Cross
came from the sheet:
 Places of Dark and Light ATC Backgrounds!

The beautiful Renassaince Lady and the
 Fall Pansies came from the sheet:
Vibrant Visions ATC!!

The Fall Leaf Frame came from my
freebie collection from
Dover Publishing company!

Thank you for visiting my site and
taking a peek at my art work! 

So Artful Challenge

The theme
for this week's
 challenge is...

"The Art of Travel"!

My Vintage Lady travels on cottony, white clouds
 instead of sensibly riding in her T-Model Ford!
And who could blame her!!
The scenery must be breathtaking from that height! 

Thank you for stopping by
to take a look at my art work!

Want to see more!!
Click HERE:
and view all of the lovely art work
created  by the talented people
 who  participated in this challenge! 
Who knows,
you might become so inspired,
you'll want to enter your own
art work for the next challenge! 

Have a Great Weekend!!
As you go about your daily routine,
remember these three precious things!!!

Very little is needed to make a happy life;
 it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.

Marcus Aurelius

When one door of happiness closes, another opens;
but often we look so long at the closed door
 that we do not see the one which has opened for us.
Helen Keller

And My Personal Favorite!!!

Lead the life that will
make you kindly and friendly
to everyone about you,
and you will be surprised
what a happy life you will lead.
Charles M. Schwab

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


The Theme for this Week's
 Collage Obesession Challenge
 is "Pink"

I created
"Pink Manhattan"
 in digital form to capture an
 image of a very tall but sophisticated lady
 as she leans against The Empire State Building
to watch the busy New York City streets below!

Thank you for visiting my blog site
 and taking a look at my art work! 
 Have a great week!

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 in the Collage Obsession Challenge!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Moonlight Journey Design Team!!


I am proud to announce

that I was asked to join the
Moonlight Journey Design Team
on July 28, 2010!!

I have been having a ball
creating all kinds of artwork
from thier amazing collection of
collage sheets and digital packs!!

I have posted a few of
 my art pieces for you to see
 what I have been designing for them!

Little Flower Faerie

Miss Contrary

Time Traveling Tyke

Magnificent Journey

Reaching Back Through Time


If you'd like to see more of the
art I created for my
 Moonlight Journey Art Page,
 please click HERE:

 Want an Extra Treat?
    While you are visiting my Art Page,
please, stop by to see the 
Spectacular Art Pages
 of the other MEMBERS in the
 Designer Art Team!! 
Click HERE: 

If you are looking for some great
Halloween Collage Sheets
but haven't found the exact ones
 you want to create  your
 "spooky altered art"
 then visit
 Moonlight Journey!!

Lynne and Becky
 courteous and dependable,
their prices are very reasonable,
and they always have
great sales on their collage sheets!!
 They are continously updating
their amazing amount of
Digital Artists Sheets!

Their Halloween Collage Sheets
are very exclusive and  perfect
 to use for whatever  your
 imagination will crave during this
frightful, festive holiday!! 

The newest design they
 have created is the
Banner Project!!  

Lynne and Becky
also have a beautiful array
of Romantic Artisitic Sheets designed
 to add the Renaissance theme
 to any altered art project!. 
Each page is filled with dark flourishes,
 lovely gardens, dark castles, brave knights,
and beautiful damsels in distress,
all ready to decorate
your ATC's and Artisit's Tag Projects! 

Click HERE to see more!

Dear friends, thanks so much for visiting my art blog!

Dear friends, thanks so much for visiting my art blog!