"We were all artists as children. We need to study the chaos around us in order to turn it into something beautiful. Something sustainable. Something that remains".

Thursday, March 4, 2010



Visit Smeared and Smudged

Hello to  all Smeared and Smudged Members! 
Isn't this so much fun!
I am having a great day today!
Thank you for stopping by
and visiting my blog ! 
I hope you like my art work and
I am looking forward to visiting your blogs
to  see all the great pieces of art you've created!

A "Special Thank You"
 goes out to Terra, our Host, 
for organizing this super event !
I am so glad that I joined this group! 
 YOU guys made me feel
so welcome and comfortable! 
I am looking forward to all of the  
art tutorials and challenges that
we will be doing in the future!

Have a great day!

I am so glad that you
stopped by today to visit my blog
because you will get the  chance to
learn  about this fanastic
new group I just joined! 
If you especially love
creating art with stamps,
then this is the group for you!!

We create Unusual art,
Gothic art, and Vintage art
but with one condition...
a stamped image must be 
placed somewhere on the project! 

Here is my PROJECT that I created
 just for this "SPECIAL BLOG HOP"
 for everyone to see!

"The Paris Follies"

"Paris Memories"

 I first found out about this group
 from one of my dear friends,
Lyn at  Blackdragon's Crafts! 
I knew I didn't want to miss out on
all of the fun and immediately posted to join!

There are so many interesting sub-groups to join
to spark our imagination with  new ideas
 for creating mixed media and altered art!

There are also challenges and contests to enter,
 which is my all time favorite thing to do! 
 I love art challenges!
 Especially their challenges--very cool!!
They also offer classess and tutorials
on the latest art trends and ink /stamp/ projects.  

What I liked the most about the group
 was the warm welcome from the other members
and the willingness to share ideas and knowledge
about techniques that some of us newbies
may not know about or had much experience with! 

 If you want to begin a journey on the 
Path of Fulfillment as a successful artist, 
 you  join in with the others that
are going down the same path.
 Your life will become enriched by the
encouragment and inspiration  you
will receive from  your fellow artists!

As they begin share their
different perspectives and  feelings 
about their own art, you will feel
the urge to delve deeply in your
 own soul to explore  your talent
and  examine your own true
convictions  about what makes your
artsuch a big part of who you are! 

Go back to when you felt that first 
that   "LITTLE NUDGE"  to pick
up a paint brush, paint,  ink, 
glue, scissors,  paper, etc.,
to create what you soon learned
 that you couldn't live without!

That's why joining a group is so important!!
Everyone has one thing in common
--it's huge--

We love to create
We create what we love!

No Holds Barred!

Here is a list of the  MEMBERS of 
Smeared and Smudged
 that are participating in the  Blog Hop!

Meredith http://www.papercanteen.com/

Kathi http://kathstales.blogspot.com/

Kim http://www.offthewallcraftiness.blogspot.com/

Alex http://paperandstring.blogspot.com/

Kelli http://www.cajunstampingqueen.blogspot.com/

Monica http://www.giddygreetings.com/
Amberlee http://supermomscrappin.blogspot.com/

Lisa http://ldfdesign.blogspot.com/

Lynda http://cre8tiveme.blogspot.com/

Sarah http://www.sarahscrazycreations.blogspot.com/

Jean http://daretobedifferentchallenges.blogspot.com/


Just click on the blog address
and go visit these talented ladies
 to see all of their wonderful
art work and their amazing blog sites!! 
If you'd like to join our
 "happy art smearing ink smudging "group,
 just  click the Smeared And Smudged blog button
at the top of the post and it will take
you to the home group where you can sign up !

Dear friends, thanks so much for visiting my art blog!

Dear friends, thanks so much for visiting my art blog!