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Friday, March 26, 2010

I Won!!! I WON!!!

Remember in the last post
(March 16th) 
that I sent out an entry
for the Dezinaworld
 Spot Prize Challenge?

Remember The Irish Collage  I entered? 

"Danny Boy"
Well, guess what!  I won!!!

Yesterday, I clicked over to  Dezinaworld  to
see if June McFarlane had posted  some
 "goodies" on her site.  I  am always looking
to see what  pretty images she  has designed
and made into  those wonderful vintage
collage sheets she has for sale! 

 I have ordered quite a few sheets from her
recently and have not been disappointed !
The images print out perfectly! They  have
  great quality resolution with wonderful  
bright colors!  June is very particular with
 each vintage image she incorporates
into her designs, making sure that
every detail is clear and well-defined!

So...I looked at some of her "pretties"
and I noticed her post about the
Challenge Winners. I read through a
 few  and then guess what? 
 I saw the post where June had
 announced the winner of the 
Spot Prize Challenge!
I  saw my entry and name
I had Won!!

After I had jumped up and down about
twenty times and danced the "Victory Dance"
all over my living room, I picked out my
free Collage sheet (Fairies)
 as my prize!
I knew the  Faries collage sheet  would be perfect
for my new blog site: 


Please come and visit my new Faerie site!
You will love the enchanted art work
and lovely images that I have posted!
The Link is:

While you are visiting my cute Faeries, 
take a good look at my Background 
and beautiful Enchanted Header!
Everything came from PlumRose Lane!
She has free backgrounds that are absolutely scrumptious
and makes the headers to match for a small fee! 
I am very happy with mine!
 Her headers are

If you'd like to go check out her new
designs and layouts, please click
 on her blog button (on my side bar) 
and it will take you directly
 over to her beautiful blog site!

 Or use this link:

Once again, I must thank June for all of
her kindness and generousity in picking my
 art work to be the winner of the SPot Prize!
I felt so honored to have won the Challenge!
Remember, you can win too! 
Just go to the my last post and get the link for
 June's site and start making art! 

Thanks for coming by and visiting me today !
Have a great weekend! 
Thank you, June!

Dear friends, thanks so much for visiting my art blog!

Dear friends, thanks so much for visiting my art blog!