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Friday, March 26, 2010

Small World of Inchies and Twinchies Challenge

The Theme for the Inchies and Twinchies Challenge was :
Bird of a Feather

I went a little crazy when
I started making my twinchies...
I just couldn't stop! 

Maybe it was that feeling of spring in the air,
 or the birds that have begun  their lovely  
chorus of spring songs, or the sound of my
children's laughter as  they can finally  go
"barefoot"  and play outside  until dark!!

No matter the cause...
I made 14 twinchies and 1 inchie. 
 I decided to display them in a
Altered Art Mini-Book
designed like a bird house.

If you would like this template,  
please leave a comment and I will
 post it on my freebie site for you!

This is  the 15 entries on background paper:

This is the Altered Art Mini-Book that
I made out of the Inchies and Twinchies:

This is the front of the Mini-Book!

This is a view of the middle of the book. 
There are only three templates sewn together
 in the middle of the book!
 Can you see that all 3 templates 
are 3 different sizes? 
 The middle page is the smallest,
  the next page a bit bigger,
 and then the first page
 (front and back cover of book)
is the largest size!!
There are 8 pages on the inside of the book!

Another view of the middle of the book
showing the 3 different templates
and their sizes.

The left side page is the inside cover of the book.

The right side is the 1st page and has two twinchies displayed.

The page is turned and is now showing
 the 2nd page with 2 twinchies displayed. 

The (smaller) middle template is the 3rd page 
 and shows only 1 page with 1 twinchie displayed.

This shows the middle of the book!

Now you should be getting a good idea
of how the book was put together!

The (smaller) middle template is spread open
 showing pages 4 & 5 with 1 twinchie on each page.

The left side shows the back of the
(smaller) middle template (page 6)
 with 1 twinchie displayed. 

The right side shows  page 7
 with 2 twinchies displayed.

It's standing a bit crooked but I think you
can get a good view of the last 2 pages.

On the left side is page 8, showing 2 twinchies displayed.

The  right side is the inside cover of the back of the book.
it show 2 twinchies diplayed.


And that is my
Altered Art Mini-Book
"Birds of a Feather"!

Thank you for looking at my art work and
 please come back again to visit! 
 Have a great weekend!

Dear friends, thanks so much for visiting my art blog!

Dear friends, thanks so much for visiting my art blog!