"We were all artists as children. We need to study the chaos around us in order to turn it into something beautiful. Something sustainable. Something that remains".

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Digitail Whisper Challenge

Little Red Wagon

My children loved their Radio Flyer and I can still hear their laughter as they took turns riding and pulling each other up and down the driveway for hours!
Thank you, Patti, for another fun challenge! You always know exactly what theme to post  next that will challenge our imagination and keep our creative juices flowing! 
This art piece expresses the deep emotions I feel as I face what every mother must face
when their children begin their own journey towards adulthood.
Am I prepared for the day when I will find that my little nest is suddenly empty ?
As the years quickly passed by,
 my children pushed  aside one toy after another,
now they are all packed safely away.
Sentimental feelings for those toys often overflow in my heart because
each toy holds a special memory attached only to the child that loved it dearly.  
I own great treasure for within those plain, cardboard boxes are many precious gifts,
moments in time that will forever be.
Theses are the gifts my children have left for me.
Credits:  Miss Priss Toys In The Attic Digital Kit

Dear friends, thanks so much for visiting my art blog!

Dear friends, thanks so much for visiting my art blog!