"We were all artists as children. We need to study the chaos around us in order to turn it into something beautiful. Something sustainable. Something that remains".

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Midsummers Eve Blog Hop Day Three


Day Three

All good things must come to an end so today is our last day of the blog hop but I promise, we will have another one again very soon!
  I am so proud of our members that participated in this blog hop and  was totally  amazed to see the   splendid masterpieces that everyone created to share in their Midsummers Eve 3-day posts! But most of all ...I enjoyed hopping back and forth between blogs and reading all of the wonderful comments left behind by our members and visitors that saw all of the amazing art work! I think I will post something on Digital Whispers of the extraordinary art that everyone created in the last  three days!  Everyone did a tremendous job and again I am smiling...dancing...clapping...and sending out a  big shout out to everyone to say " THANKS" for your support, lovely creativity, sweet compliments, and your hard work to make this blog hop the success it was!

 Queen Mab

You Must Shine

Dancing On Stars

Canopy Of Thine Evening Sky

Inner Light

 Celestial Child

Guardian Angels

God Will Aide You

Thy Summer Flowers Filled My Soul 

Dear friends, thanks so much for visiting my art blog!

Dear friends, thanks so much for visiting my art blog!