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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day Two of the Midsummers Eve Blog Hop!

Day Two
We are Rockin' our Midsummers Eve Blog Hop!
I just have to say that yesterday was so much fun and I really enjoyed hopping to all of the blogs to see all of the wonderful surprises, lovely blog sites, wonderful surprises at every turn, and the most exquisite art work imaginable! I want to thank everyone that participated in the blog hop yesterday!!! Everyone deserves a huge round of applause for all of the effort and work that went into making our first day a very successful day!!
  I have to quote Bill Charlebois when he said yesterday "The prizes were fine but exploring all of the blog sites was even better"!!!   I agree Bill, and I am so excited and really looking forward to Day Two and  hopping over to see what each of you came up with to enchant us and take our breath away!!   A feast for the eyes, no doubt and  beyond what I can imagine!!! 
So off I go to explore and get inspired all over again! 
Why can't we do this everyday???

Here is my Midsummers Eve
Digital Art for
Day Two of our Blog Hop!!!

Vaerie  Enchanted Faeries

To Live In A Castle
Please enjoy the art work and I sincerely hope that it will set your creative mind on fire with what you see today!  Just think of the possibilities and what you could create!!!!
If you are a visitor or new to digital art, please click on the Blog Hop badge on the right sidebar to come and visit our wonderful Digital Whisper Group!  Especially if you would like to find out more about becoming a member or you are curious to see all of the fantastic opportunities we have at Digital Whisper to inspire your creativity and challenge your imagination!

Here's your blog Hop List!!!!   


Dear friends, thanks so much for visiting my art blog!

Dear friends, thanks so much for visiting my art blog!