"We were all artists as children. We need to study the chaos around us in order to turn it into something beautiful. Something sustainable. Something that remains".

Sunday, December 6, 2015


The Digital Whisper's Theme 
for this week's 
Digital Dreamers Challenge
 Best Friends 

I dedicate this digital art piece and poem to my best friend, Patti Koosed!  
Love you, Sister!!!!

“When I was a child, an angel came to say,
A true friend is coming, my warrior to sweep you away,
It won’t be easy the path because it leads through hell,
But if you’re faithful, it will be the greatest story to tell,
You will move God’s daughters to a place of hope,
Your story will teach everyone there is nothing they can’t cope,
You will suffer a lot, but not one tear will you waste,
Because for all that you do for me, you will be graced,

I am bringing you someone that wants to travel your trail,
Someone you already met when you passed through heaven’s veil,
A warrior, a friend that whispers your heart’s song,
Someone that will run with you and pull your spirit along,
Don’t you see the timing was true friendship's fated throw,
Because I put you both there to help one another grow,

I am the writer of all great stories, your chapters were written by me,
You suffered, you cried because I needed you to see,
That your faith in my ending goes far beyond two,
It was going to change more hearts than both of you knew,

So hush. my child. and wait for my loving hand,
The last chapter is not written and still in the sand,
It is up to you to finish, before the tide washes it away,
All that is in your heart, I’ve put there for you to say,
This is not about winning, loss, or pain,
Together your spirits will never fade,
Because two kindred spirits is what I made you to be,
A true friendship for life because of-- ME.” 

Credits: Wikipedia Commons, Moonlight Journey, and Cajoline Elements.

Dear friends, thanks so much for visiting my art blog!

Dear friends, thanks so much for visiting my art blog!