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Friday, August 7, 2015

Digital Dreamers Challenge


     At the beginning of summer  my PC  froze up like a block of ice!  I'm pretty sure the hard drive is fried!  I am economy shopping for a new one but the sad fact is that  I haven't really been inspired to create any digital art!  When talking to Patti about my dilemma, she urged me to join everyone this week for the new theme, "Mailboxes"!  We also talked about the increase in the number of digital artists participating in the weekly challenges and the amazing art work they have been creating!!  Patti began to tell me about some of the themes I had missed and as she always does, inspired me to get busy and create something to post for this week's challenge!

     I started thinking of something right away to create and since I am using my son's laptop to check my email... why not join in the challenge and get my digital groove back on except for one thing...my son  has laid  down the law...  
absolutely no downloading of ANYTHING
NOTHING---NADA to his files!!!  
Does that kid know me or what?

Past experience has taught him to be cautious when loaning his tech toys to me or he could be stuck deleting stock photos, digital art  kits and clip art  from his folders for weeks because I have innocently saved everything I see (within reason that is free and has no copyright issues) and why not? It's all eye candy anyway just waiting to lure me in...I have no self control!

The no downloading rule also means I have no access to my PSE!!!!  BUT...not a problem because there are several unique photo editing sites that I have found that offer simple but amazing tools that are easy to use but also keep your creative juices  flowing!

I used Picmonkey today but have also used Fotoflexer, Gimp, and Lunapic in the past and they all worked great for me!  They might not have all of the bells and  whistles of PSE but as long as I can create something  and have fun at the same time...then hey...it's all good and it beats the alternative...cleaning house for the rest of the all day!!

 Here is my version of "Mailbox"!!!  
 Thank you, Patti, for the inspiration!

If you're in the mood to create some digital art then please stop by Digital Whisper and join us!!!!

P.S.  Jonathan...do not worry!!! I am deleting the stock photo (yeah...that's right...  one) as soon as I finish this post!

***Credit: Mailbox photo is from Wikipedia Creative Commons!


Dear friends, thanks so much for visiting my art blog!

Dear friends, thanks so much for visiting my art blog!