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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Theme Thursday Challenge

The Theme for
Theme Thurday
is Flowers!

Sounds simple enough,  doesn't it?
Easy theme, pretty flowers, add a vintage image.
Done! Right! Wrong!! 

Remember, I don't do simple!
So here it is, 10:15 p.m., and I am just
 now turning in my entry for this challenge!
It is late!   Very late!

I got so carried away with this entr
 that I lost all track of time!
 You see, I went visiting today and found a
 new site with free vintage images:

 Scrapologie had all of these sweet little vintage Valentines
 posted and pictures of all of the Valentine  "pretties" that she had made! 
As I scrolled down further, I saw the perfect image
for this challenge and left her a message!

 I skipped on over to the next site: 
and saw three more images and
decided that enough was enough ! 
It was time to get to work!

So one idea led to another and another and another...
(You know how it is)
I finished! 

  I am glad that I took the extra time to go ahead and
follow my creative instincts
because I pushed the envelope a bit today
and learned a thing or two and am
really proud of the piece of art I made!

How I made the "Flowers"  Entry:

Here is the image that I got from Scrapologie:

Isn't she gorgeous?
Aned already a flower girl with those
sequin flowers on her dress!

These images came from Free vintage Images!

Now see how each picture looks like it is turning back a page
to view what is going on outside,
like an actual window in a storybook!

  I took the first two bird images and
cut the nature scene away
from the white paper edge and  
glued them to 2 pieces of thick cardboard, 
curling them a bit as they dried.

Then I cut away the scene from the 3rd bird image
 and glued it to a 5 x 5 inch  of cardboard. 
 I glued emphora across the rest of the cardboard
and then added my vintage image of my flower girl!

I took a hole punch and punched five holes
 down the side of the two pages,
making sure the holes matched each other in length.
Then I matched each page where I wanted
it fastend to the cardboard square.
I punched 5 more holes (for each page)

I wired the 2nd page to the cardboard.
I decided to use some gold satin material (that I had stashed )
and cut it in (5)  12 inch long,  thin strips.
 I pull and twistied the entire length of each strip to
allow the edges to start unraveling!
I placed the first page adjacent to the five holes
 I had punched on the cardboard
 and pulled one strip of satin through the first 2 holes.
 I tied the first strip in a double knot to  secure the first page.
I repeated the same procedure 4 more times 
 to secure the front page to the cardboard square!

I added  some glitter and  flowers and she was done! 

Now it really looks like the pages are curled back,
  as if we have pulled back a curtain to catch a glimspe of this Vintage Lady,  
as she spends her first day of Spring,
 picking flowers and putting them in her hair!

Thank you for visiting and looking at my entry! 


If you haven't had the chance to  explore 
 both of these wonderful sites:

please go visit to see all of the pretty things
each site has in store for you !

Dear friends, thanks so much for visiting my art blog!

Dear friends, thanks so much for visiting my art blog!