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Sunday, February 14, 2010

My First Collage Obsessions Challenge Entry!

I made my first piece
of Art Work for

Elegia's and Itkupilli's
Brand New Challenge:

     Collage Obsessions!

I love these ladies and all of the
fantastic digital art work that they create!
I have been a fan of both ladies 
from the very beginning of my first blog!  

In fact,  the very first background that I used for
"Miss Anne's Vintage Art"
was from Elegia's delightful backgrounds
that she so generously makes and offers for free!  

 I am still using  Itkupilli's beautiful
"Victorian Ladies" background
at my knitting blog, Miss Anne's Lace! 
Itkupilli is also very generous  and
designs her own fabulous backgrounds 
and offers them for free, too! 

So, when  I saw that they were going
 to do a Challenge together,
 I was so excited!
They are both so enormously talented!
Each lady has that *spark of imagintaion*
that it takes to host a great challenge!
What a great adventure this would be!
 I was on board and ready to be inspired!!

I really wanted to join in on
the week of the 1st Theme,
but there was just too much going on
and I ran out of time!!   

Then came the 2nd and 3rd Theme!
  I  was still running so far behind,
I couldn't catch up,
no matter how hard I tried!

 Then the 4th  theme started last Monday!
 I was determined! 
  I would have an entry! 

So... I did make a really nice collage 
along with a little (tiny) scrapbook that I sewed  together 
and glued  to the surface of one of the images I used!
my scanner ran out of ink and refused to scan the collage
that I had worked so hard to make!

I hurried to try to make something digital
 but was not really pleased with the outcome!
I really liked the other collage  better!

Oh, well...
such is life!!!
even if it is late...
Here is my entry ...
such as it is!


Thank you for looking at my entry and visiting my blog!
Have a nice week!

P.S.  If you are interested in joining this Challenge,
 then please go to my sidebar and click on

web sites under the label:
"Free Backgrounds and Banners"

If you haven't visited their wonderful web sites yet,
by all means, please do so today! 
They also offer some really awesome tutorials 
 that will  help you  learn how to change your background!
So if you want to  use one of their stylish ones
or  go from a 2-column layout to a 3-column layout,
then follow their easy instructions and before you know it...
 you'll have a brand new background
 that you'll really love!!

And believe me, they really do have some
fabulous designs and layouts 
along with  extra "dreamy"
accessories to decorate your new blog with! 


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Dear friends, thanks so much for visiting my art blog!

Dear friends, thanks so much for visiting my art blog!