Monday, August 26, 2013

Collage Obsession Challenge

The Theme for this 
Collage Obsession Challenge
FROM 8-18 TO 8-26
 The Color Purple

This is my  interpretation of the theme for this challenge...Purple!!!

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Thank you and have a Great Day!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

August So Artful Challenge!!!

So Artful Challenge/Theme: MAPS
The color palette for this challenge is pastel blue, pink, peach, and green!

This is my art piece for the August So Artful Challenge!

Even If I Have To Pawn My Jewels!

 I tried to keep the images and embellishments
 in the pastel colors requested for this challenge
 until I found this beautiful painting
 (at Wikipedia Commons) of Queen Isabella, I!

 I experimented with different pastel 
colors to change the dark burgundy hues 
of her dress but any editing I did just 
kept washing out all of the color and 
detail of her beautiful  face.

So I decided to leave her image, as is,
 and hope that the pastel colors 
in the rest of the piece will reflect
 the color palette in this theme! 

Thank you for this wonderful challenge!
Kym Decker 

Would you like to participate in this challenge
The link: So Artful Challenge

Credits:  The Maps, the Compass, the Money, and the Wooden World Globe came from the Elegant Whispers Digital Kit: Great And Powerful OZ. The Jewels came from Mangel's Designs Digital Kits and Cindy Powell's Digi-Scrap Jewels Digital Kit. The Steampunk Brass Cog came from GPB Steam II Digital Kit. The Two Scrap Backgrounds came from CR Renee Old Daguerreotypes Digital Kit. The Sea Snake, Circle Map, and the painting of Queen Isabella I came from Wikipedia Creative Commons.

Dear friends, thanks so much for visiting my art blog!

Dear friends, thanks so much for visiting my art blog!